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Training & Workshops


Facilitator Led training and workshops

PSN facilitator-led workshops are informative, engaging and results-oriented.

Maximize your training dollars. Workshops with the symbol AODA Compliant Training also meet the training requirements under the AODA and the Customer Service Standard.


Foundations of Service Excellence

Customer Service - Doing it Right

AODA Compliant TrainingIf service excellence is to be realized then a strong service philosophy must begin at, and be managed from the top.

This workshop specifically designed for executives and managers examines the business and legal imperatives driving the move to service excellence, customer engagement and customer-focused experiences.

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AODA Compliant TrainingWhile covering the mandated training requirements of the AODA and the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Regulation, this high impact, skill awareness and practice workshop helps participants develop the skills and practical techniques that will generate lasting impressions, make the most of every customer contact, and build  loyalty with a diverse customer base.

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Implementing the Customer Service Standard

AODA Compliant TrainingThis highly interact workshop provides managers and staff responsible for reviewing and revising policies and implementing the requirements of the Customer Service Standard, with the knowledge, skills and tools for meeting critical compliance requirements.

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