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Inclusive Meetings & Events


Inclusive Meetings and Events



The following list includes guides, checklists and tips that address both physical and communication access to meetings and events.



Planning Accessible Meetings – Ministry of Community and Social Services  Download PDF-  Planning Accessible Meetings (MCSS)

Guide to Planning Inclusive Meetings – Human Resources and Skills Development Canada – A Guide and checklist for planning inclusive and accessible meetings Download PDF- Guide to Planning Inclusive Meetings (HRSDC)

Removing Barriers: Planning Meetings that are Accessible to All Participants, North Carolina Office on Disability and Health, Guidelines and strategies to help organizations make their meetings accessible and welcoming to people with disabilities. The guide focuses on small and last-minute meetings to make sure that a variety of participants are included in all aspects of organizational life. Download PDF - Removing Barriers - Planning Meetings that are Accessible

Social Care Institute for Excellence - Accessibility guidelines for events - These guidelines provide guidance on how to hold events in an accessible way.Download PDF - How to make events accessible

Making Reception Areas Accessible; Marin County, US – Common sense tips on how to ensure reception areas are accessible to people with disabilities.  Dowload PDF - Making reception areas accessible

Guide for Making Your Meetings Accessible - Canadian Hearing Society - how to make your meetings more accessible to deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people. Download PDF - Guidelines to Making Your Meeting Accessible To Deaf

Making Events Accessible - CNIB – How to make events accessible to people with vision loss.

International Accessibility Symbols The International Accessibility Symbols can be used to promote and publicize accessibility of meetings, events, places, programs and other activities for people with various disabilities. Download the symbols