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Lead with Excellence

Skills and knowledge are important but leaders also need coaches, mentors and the opportunity to learn from successful executives and by working through targeted business issues.

Business and executive coaching and mentoring has drifted from the fringe to the mainstream of good business practice. Using objective outside counsel and support to help people develop the insight, and the skills to perform better on today’s business playing field, makes goods business sense.


PSN's Approach to Coaching

Coaching and MentoringDistinctions between coaching and mentoring are often made. At PSN we use the strength of both techniques to assist senior executives to learn and enhance individual performance, to continue to grow with their organization, to achieve greater satisfaction in their position and to more effectively deal with issues they face on a daily basis.

Dialogue, fueled by insightful and relevant questions, is at the heart of the PSN coaching process. PSN coaching utilizes focused conversations to create an environment for individual growth, purposeful action, and sustained improvement. PSN coach's build relationships, ask challenging questions, listen effectively, create accountability and motivate the individual toward their objectives. PSN coaches, act as a sounding board, challenger and catalyst for change.


How PSN Can Help

With extensive executive business experience and finely honed coaching and mentoring skills, PSN’s Coaches provide valuable insights and concrete guidance for situations from new business implementation to smooth transitions during times of growth or change. Our coaches focus on the participant’s goals, accelerating movement toward these goals, reinforcing learning and change, and increasing self-empowerment.

We assist executives, and their management teams, in fine-tuning their vision for the business; empowering and motivating staff; mastering new attitudes and behaviours, improving their communication and listening skills, and becoming more confident and assertive.

Meeting Your Requirements

Executive coaching is designed to accommodate the needs of the busy executive with constantly changing demands. Your PSN Coach can work with you in-person at your place of business or at another convenient location, by telephone; or by any mode that meets your needs. The number and length of meetings also can be flexible to meet the time requirements and needs of each individual.

Are you looking for an individualized approach to enhancing leadership effectiveness? Are you open to a personalized approach to developing leadership skills that will create positive change?

Find out how we can help you and your organization develop a path towards leadership excellence!