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A Powerful and Cost-Effective Training Solution


Creating & Presenting Courses & Learning Materials

Plus Sign - Benefits

•  Allows for the integration of text, pictures, audio and video to create dynamic courses, as well as product and process training materials

•  Supports integration of information, manuals, brochures and other resources in Word, PDF, PowerPoint, audio and video etc to enhance and extend learning and information sharing

•  Incorporates quiz and testing capabilities to evaluate learning outcomes, and to meet compliance requirements

•  Supports collaboration through forums, chats, blogs, wikis, etc.

•  Enables learning and resources tailored to different groups

•  Provides for adaptive learning


Helping you Manage the Training & Learning Process

More benefits to LMS

• Training and event scheduling capability

• Training reminders and notifications

• Controlled access to courses and materials

• Ability to enforce time restrained activities

• Course completion certificates can be provided

• Detailed tracking and reporting of activities