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Grow Your Business with Training and Documentation

Achieving positive business results requires more than strategies and action plans. It requires engaged, skilled employees focused and aligned on responding to your customers and on executing your business objectives.

Effective training does much more than provide skills and knowledge; it also shapes attitudes and behaviours. Training can drive organizational performance, enable superior customer service and accelerate critical business processes.

Equally, information and communications can be powerful tools to help drive business strategies forward. Consistent, well planned and thoughtfully-executed documentation is critical to maintaining informed and engaged employees and customers.

PSN can help you develop and maintain consistent and effective connections between your company, your employees and your customers.


How PSN Builds Organizational Capacity

Training Needs AnalysisWe conduct TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS to determine and implement optimum training solutions.



Training ContentWe design and develop Corporate TRAINING CONTENT and COURSEWARE that engages, informs and enhances skills.



Manuals and DocumentationWe create, design and write MANUALS, PRODUCT/SERVICE GUIDES & JOB AIDES to support learning and information sharing,



Facilitator Led Training

We deliver dynamic FACILITATOR-LED TRAINING and E-LEARNING courses that build enthusiasm, facilitate team-based learning, provide opportunities for collaboration and teach new approaches, processes and skills.


Learning Management SystemWe provide a unified, secure platform for delivering, tracking and managing enterprise-wide learning through our hosted ONLINE E-LEARNING PLATFORM and LEARNING AND CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM