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Transform Information into Effective Communications

Information and communications can be powerful tools. The ability of an organization to strategically and effectively communicate is critical. Confusing, poorly written and inaccessible communications can undermine an organization’s reputation and drive customer’s away.

 Poor Documentation• When customers and prospects can't understand the features and benefits of a product , process, or service they won't try it.

• When customers can't find, access or use the information they need, they not only complain, but also they abandon the product or service and go elsewhere.

• When staff do not have the information they need to effectively respond to inquiries or to do their job, both employees and customers become frustrated and service quality suffers.

• When operations and policy manuals are unclear and difficult to access and when training materials are uninspired, their effectiveness as resource and instructional tools is limited.

Clear and Concise DocumentationPSN can help you drive business strategies forward by leveraging the power of consistent, well-planned and thoughtfully-executed communications. We develop fully customized documentation and knowledge solutions that meet your specific requirements for performance, delivery and maintenance.


PSN Knowledge Solutions

We design, and create structured, visually dynamic and easy to use and understand materials including:

Training Manuals

• Policy, procedures and requirements manuals that detail expectations, procedures, reinforce your company’s unique differences and that reflect your overall company image and mission.

• Product and Service Reference guides that provide customers and employees with the information required to fully benefit from your product or service.

• Job Aids, Reference Cards and Quick Reference Guides that are task-oriented, job driven and provide step-by-step instructions for important procedures.

• Course/Workshop Reference Materials including Facilitator Guides, Participant Guides and Presentation materials.

• Document templates and alternate format documents including accessible PDF’s and WORD documents.

Let PSN transform confusing instructions, frustrating manuals and ineffective information into customized, well organized materials tailored to your business processes, that engage the business user may it be staff or customers.