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Take your First Step Towards Ensuring True Return on Your Training Investment

A needs assessment is critical to developing relevant and effective education and training programs.

Training is required when:

Training Needs Analysis

• methods are revised, or different behaviours expected,

• a company or organization adopts a new technology, or introduces a new product or service,

• business or customer needs change,

• new government standards mandate compliance,

• enhanced skills and knowledge are needed to effectively and efficiently complete the job.


Every business is unique. Value can only be added if time is taken to understand business opportunities and problems, before crafting learning interventions and solutions. By assessing target audience needs, you can determine a focus and direction for investments made in training. Training needs analysis ensures the relevance of training activities to increase work quality and performance.


Is Training the Solution?

Ask yourself:

•Why are we delivering this training?

•What do we hope to accomplish when we have completed the training?

If training is the solution, then PSN can help!


How PSN Can Help

PSN can help you define your training needs. We identify who the training audience is, the gaps in skills and knowledge, the subject matter and type of content required, technology and time constraints and desired outcomes. We then help you develop the best training approach.

Needs analysis is the basis for designing a cost-effective and focused training program. PSN can help you do it right!